hackamajig banners

 Below are past hackamajig.com banners for your enjoyment. — stochastic

Banner “precision earrings” of Apr 23, 2012: the unexpected juxtaposition of two totally unrelated ideas: “distance-measuring instruments” and “adornments of the earlobes”, with the obvious result… precision earrings! And yes, if you’d like a pair, we’re selling them at our new Etsy site: hackamajig.etsy.com. These earrings are Hackamajig’s very first product.

Banner “3dp parts” of Nov 1, 2011: piles of nuts and bolts, and yes, we realize that this description, while accurate, is less than helpful. Click the image to find an explanation.

Banner “ribbons” of Oct 28, 2011: long curls of aluminum swarf issued from a drilling operation on the lathe.

Banner “disintegrate” of Oct 27, 2011: a disintegrated Bowden cable, an erstwhile component of the tensioning mechanism in our beloved squiggly-magnetic-dial-indicator stand thingy.

Banner “centrifuge” of Oct 17, 2011: a centrifuge, about ten times as tall as the guy standing beside it. (But he’s only three inches high.)

Banner “studioish” of Oct 12, 2011: our improvised photo studio, comprising a dinner table, a curtain rod, a desk lamp and two squiggly-headed floor lamps, two rolls of paper, and several tiny figurines cavorting on the equipment. No, no, please try to contain your envy, not everyone can have a setup this snazzy…

Banner “impact crater” of Oct 10, 2011: an impact crater, steel having smashed into aluminum at the mind-numbing speed of — wait for it — zero.

Banner “scribe” of Oct 6, 2011: metalworking layout tools, improvised, on a glass surface plate (also improvised).

Banner “imperfect wizards” of Oct 4, 2011: an internal dispute in the Wizards’ Keep. Which we made. With paper and glue. (We’re nerds.)

Banner "lap microlathe" of Sept 29, 2011

Banner “lap microlathe” of Sept 29, 2011: the Taig MicroLathe. It’s adorable. It’s so small you can hold it in your lap. We’re completely serious.

Banner "notatripod" for Sept 28, 2011

Banner “notatripod” of Sept 28, 2011: the by-blow of a vacuum vise and a hobby vise, and a squiggly magnetic dial indicator stand, and a dinner plate. And an iPhone.

Banner "balance" of Sept 23, 2011

Banner “balance” of Sept 23, 2011: inner workings of the Mettler H20 analytical balance, a work of art, a demonstration of stunning artisanship, a 1960s-era substitution balance precise to ten micrograms with a range of 160 grams. It’s analog!

Banner "a tiny collet" of Sept 22, 2011

Banner “a tiny collet” of Sept 22, 2011: a tiny ER 8 collet. ER 8 collets are absurdly small. But then, so is the Taig lathe. We like tiny things.

(Taig Tools make a really nifty micro lathe. We have one and we love it.)

Banner "retina pixels" of Sept 21, 2011

Banner “retina pixels” of Sept 21, 2011: high-resolution “Retina display” pixels. Photo taken with an ancient-but-newly-acquired microscope.

Banner "notatripod" of Sept 20, 2011

Banner “great big ball of tiny magnets” of Sept 20, 2011: not a stock image, but a photo of a thousand tiny magnet spheres that we assembled into a great big surprisingly-well-ordered ball. It was rather heavy.

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